How to Choose the Best Tradelines

If you’re just starting out in the world of tradelines, we recommend taking a look at our Tradelines 101 infographic to get the basics down before moving on to deciding which tradelines to purchase. If you’re already familiar with the concept of tradelines and want to learn how to select the best tradelines for sale, then this tradeline buyer’s guide is for you.

When shopping to buy tradelines, there are basically only two main variables to consider:

(1) the age of the tradeline, and

(2) the credit limit of the tradeline.

All the other variables should be about equal, which includes having a perfect payment history, having low utilization (at or below 15%), the type of account (usually a credit card), and the reporting date of the account.

In most cases, if you buy from a reliable tradeline company, the name of the bank should not matter, except in instances where you may be blacklisted from that bank due to filing for bankruptcy or having unpaid collections with that bank.

So, with only two variables to consider, why is it so challenging to be able to choose the right tradelines? The answer is that most people’s credit files are fairly complex due to their depth of credit history. People have numerous data points in their credit file and all that data plays some sort of role in calculating their credit score.

Every person’s credit file is unique, making it very difficult to discuss how tradelines may affect anyone “on average.” Additionally, there are multiple different credit scores, each with their own closely guarded algorithm that takes into account a very large amount of data points within someone’s credit report.

When choosing the best tradelines for your situation, it’s not just about buying the top tradelines in terms of price. To get the results you want, you will need to understand what is already in your credit file and how adding tradelines could affect the important factors in your file.


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