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Asked Questions

Everyone has debts from time to time. While some people can easily pay off their debts, there are those that find it hard to settle them. This can quickly end in overwhelming debt and a bad credit score.

The thing is, once you file for bankruptcy, your credit score will actually start improving almost immediately.  Sometimes a small amount of additional credit repair is needed to clean up certain items that creditors may not have reported correctly.   This can be as simple as disputing errors with credit agencies or learning basic financial skills like budgeting to ensure that any new credit items that come on to your report are positive ones.

If you are struggling to pay off your debts,700 Credit Divas can help you. We can help guide you through a bankruptcy case, from the moment you file for bankruptcy to the day your debts are discharged.

Read on for more information about repairing your debt after bankruptcy.

Everything You May Need to Know!

How long does the process take?

It usually takes 30-45 days but each case is different therefore results may vary.

I have another credit monitoring service can I use that?

Unfortunately no, we have done all the research for the best guaranteed-results. Therefore, you must use to complete your profile with us.

I am not internet savvy, do you have an office we can meet at?

Yes! We are available to you in-person at our Flagship Office at: 112 W Main St. Suite B Kingstree SC 29556 (Right next door to Ronnie Sabbs Office)

How do I upload my documents?

There is a tab in the welcome email that will be sent to you on signing up.

How do you take payment(s)?

We accept payments through our secured webiste Your card will be auto-charged as scheduled monthly.

How do I know how many rounds I will need?

We will contact you once your credit report is reviewed and let you know if you need more
than one round.

My address on my ID does not match my mailing address.

We apologise in advance but, everything has to match. If applicable, you must get your address updated at your local DMV.

I do not have/own a Social Security Card.

You would need to request one or you can use a passport.

Do we offer Tradelines?

Of course! We offer tradelines as part of our services, contact us with any questions or inquiries.